As November arrives in the Sandhills region of North Carolina, our landscapes undergo a subtle but significant transformation. The autumn leaves fall, the days grow shorter, and the air carries a crispness that signals the impending arrival of winter. November is a unique time for landscaping in this region, as the temperatures can still be quite warm, but frosty mornings are not uncommon. In this article, we’ll explore what kind of plants and landscaping practices are ideal for this transitional month.

Embrace the Warm Days:

One of the things that makes November special in the Sandhills is the occasional warm day, as if summer is giving us one last hurrah. Take advantage of these sunny moments by enjoying your outdoor space. It’s a great time for some fall cleaning and maintenance. Trim back shrubs and remove any dead or dying annuals from your garden beds. Consider a fresh layer of mulch to help retain moisture and protect your plants as the temperatures drop.

Fall Flowers and Foliage:

Although the summer blooms have faded away, there are still plenty of plants that shine in November. Chrysanthemums, or mums, are a staple of fall landscaping, offering a burst of color in hues of red, yellow, and orange. Asters and pansies are also popular choices for late-season blooms. For a unique touch, you can plant ornamental cabbage and kale, which not only adds color but also a different texture to your landscape.

Think Beyond Flowers:

As winter approaches, consider incorporating evergreen plants into your landscape. Junipers, hollies, and arborvitae are excellent choices, as they provide year-round greenery and maintain their vibrant colors even in colder weather. Ornamental grasses, like Maiden Grass and Fountain Grass, add interest and texture to your garden as they sway in the autumn breeze.

Preparing for the Chill:

Given the fluctuating temperatures in November, it’s important to prepare for the occasional frosty night. Cover delicate plants or bring potted plants indoors to protect them from freezing temperatures. Don’t forget to disconnect and store garden hoses to prevent damage. Consider adding a layer of frost cloth or burlap to larger shrubs and trees to safeguard them from the cold. This preventative action ensures that your landscape will continue to thrive as winter sets in.

Landscaping Projects:

November is an ideal time for hardscaping and renovation projects. Consider adding a fire pit, seating area, or a pergola to your outdoor space, creating a cozy environment for chilly evenings. Installing proper outdoor lighting can also extend your enjoyment of the garden well into the darker months.

In conclusion, November in the Sandhills is a unique time for landscaping. It’s a season of transition, offering an opportunity to enjoy the last vestiges of warmth while preparing for the colder days ahead. By incorporating the right plants and implementing the right landscaping practices, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that you can enjoy throughout the year. So, seize the moment, embrace the fall colors, and get your landscape ready for the beauty of winter in North Carolina’s Sandhills.