Hardscaping includes designing and installing a customizable structure that prevents water absorption while protecting and maintaining the structural integrity of the area. Hardscape serves by protecting a household’s boundaries from rain, hose water and sprinklers which, over time, can degrade a home’s exterior. Foundational areas are strenghtened and fortified with brick and mortar. This generally protects a yard from the seasonal and day-to-day wear and tear.


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The Cardinal Hardscape Architecture team provides tailored hardscape designs conducive to each business.


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We provide numerous hardscaping packages that will not break the bank. Each package is designed specifically for client requirements.

Hardscaping are projects that are required to be installed before the landscaping can be implemented. Hardscaping adjusts the foundation of the yard, such as curbs, burms, walls, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, etc. Once these features are completed can the landscaper begin to focus on the more beautifying features of the property, such as flowers, shrubs, trees and plant arrangements.

Hardscaping ensures that water drainage after heavy rain or snowfall will not affect the landscaping. The correct water absorption, hard materials and irrigation systems installed through hardscaping, which safely drains water off of the property can ensure that soil erosion is minimal and that the yard stays drier, and more enjoyable to use, instead of being wet and muddy.

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Our team will inspect your grounds to create and install a system that meets your property’s water requirements.

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“Our experience with Cardinal Landscaping has been nothing but excellent. Cardinal is a professionally managed and well-resourced group that delivers on their promises which enables us as general contractors to deliver to our clients. I would highly recommend Cardinal to all!” ~ Aaron T. ~


“We made the decision to change companies after many years with the same local company. I had driven by one of your work sites and saw how great the landscaping looked as well as how professional your lawn care workers were while they were on the job site. Once we were given our estimates on the multiple projects that we needed to have completed. Your company promptly started to tackle those projects. While they were at our facility the lawn care professionals and the construction crew left absolutely no mess while completing the projects. They were extremely courteous and professional while on the job site. We had to have a retaining wall re-built, a drainage ditch with rocks and an extreme amount of sediment cleaned, the overgrowth cut back, large areas of plantings on a hill. We also had a tree that needed to be removed and your company facilitated that with the least amount of impact for our patients and staff. I am so happy with the results our grounds look fantastic and we are so excited to start our new partnership with your company for our weekly maintenance.” ~ Wendy S.~


“Cardinal has completed several projects over the past five years at my home to include planting a total of 19 trees! The Landscaping at the front and back of my home was all done by Cardinal, the brick security wall, and custom-made wooden gates, the raised flower bed, the retaining wall, and the beautiful herringbone brick patio and path - all Cardinal! Totally delighted with each and every job completed.” ~ Pamela M.~


“You’d think competitors would be adversaries, but for nearly 30 years, our landscape company and Cardinal Landscaping Inc. have formed a relationship that helps us both live up to the standard of putting the customer first. Cardinal Landscape shares our mission to provide exceptional service and quality, at a fair price. By partnering with Cardinal, we have been able to provide the same level of service we value, to customers who have properties in markets Cardinal services, and vice versa. With a partnership like that, the CUSTOMER always wins!” ~ Scott M.~


“Cardinal Landscaping INC. is a pleasure to do business with. Their project management team is very professional, attentive, and dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients.” ~ Bobby L.~

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We provide numerous property maintenance packages that will not break the bank. Each package is designed specifically for client requirements.


Irrigation is vital to the needs of both turf and plants material to reduce costly plant/turf loss and disease intervention.

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